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Nilas MV®

Diagnostic and Regulations System

Nilas MV® - Diagnostic and Regulations System

Nilas MV® is an acronym for non-linear analytic systems for medicine and vitality. We appreciate your interest in our company!



We are active in the health care industry and in adjacent areas and the life and health of people lie at the heart of our work. Our company offers conceptual solutions for clinics and counseling centers. To this end, we make use of quantum physics, information technologies, micro flows as well as organic semiconductor polymers.



The success of our young and innovative company is based on years of personal experience of our employees. Thanks to our extensive network Nilas MV is perfectly suited to the achievement of objectives of our partners and customers. Through the knowledge and know-how of our affiliated specialists we can guarantee you a fast accomplishment of set milestones and hence a maximum success.