Nilas MV®

Nilas MV® - Produkte - DINAMIKA® with the Nilas MV® software - information technology diagnostic system

with the
Nilas MV®


is an information technology diagnostic system that combines several technologies and thus offers extensive assessment criteria for the diagnosis of your patients.


The use of the Dinamika® system with the software Nilas MV® has the following advantages:


- The end of a measurement process within about 5 minutes,


- Easy to use and simple application,


- Easy interpretation of the results,


- Understandable and motivating results - visualization for patients,


- Extensive range of measurement parameters,


- Comparison and accompanying analysis,


- Multifaceted domain,


- Flexible acquisition system,


- Reliable functionality,


- Dedicated training service and technical support.




Then contact us to get more information on the Dinamika® system with the Nilas MV® software to maintain its working principle and practical application!


A case study can be found here.



Please note that the methods and systems as well as their effects are not presently recognized by conventional medicine.